DefinePlanet - BooWipes Ear Care 100ct - {Wild Coast Pet Food}

DefinePlanet - BooWipes Ear Care 100ct

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BooWipes EarCare cloths are an easy and quick way to keep your pets ears clean and healthy. Gently and effectively remove dirt and dissolve waxy build-up to help maintain healthy ear hygiene and prevent odor, itchiness and infections.

All Natural Bamboo Fiber Cloths

DefinePlanet BooWipes Collection is made of ultra-soft, eco-friendly and 100% bamboo cloth. They provide a safe, gentle and convenient way to cleanse your pets. BooWipe cloths are moistened with gentle cleansers, enriched with natural conditioners, oils (aloe, vitamin E) and deodorizers. As a part of our commitment for a sustainable planet, they are biodegradable.

Ultra-Thick & Soft

Safe & Gentle for Sensitive Skin — Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil — Paraben & Alcohol Free — Gentle Enough to Use Daily On Pets

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